Hi, my name is Crystal Dawn.
BFA in Character Animation.
San Francisco.
Hopeless romantic, animator, & professional doodler.
In a relationship with this talented guy
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This past Sunday was my 2 year anniversary with @kenimation and this was the card I made him 😊 #art #artist #artofcrystaldawn #anniversary #love #couple #card #illustration #instagood #drawing #sketch #gift #sillyfaces


Adrien Gromelle Demo Reel 2013

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Why have I just seen this picture from Bill Schwab? this is hilarious!

You can also check out his blog here billschwabdesign.blogspot.com

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This happened as @kenimation and I we’re leaving for our road trip back to #sf. 🐶 #cute #dogs #byefornow

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I’m alive! Went to burbank this weekend to see @kenimation. I drew this thank you note for his cousin and his girlfriend for letting me stay with them for the time being :)
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“All the other fairies fly, why don’t you?”
“I had wings once. They were strong. They were stolen from me.


A quick copic marker tip for the day

Every now and then I come across a color I don’t have. Copics are really fantastic in that you can blend them to get that in-between color you might need for a project. I’ll make a few swatches to make sure I get the color I want and I mark them in the order I layered the colors. (This is actually really important because sometimes colors will come out differently based on the order you lay them down). Once I’ve got my color combos ready I lay down one color and I let it dry completely. Now other people do it differently. Some people like to blend the colors while it’s still wet. You should play around with what you feel most comfortable with.  Then, once dry I place my second color and let dry. Keep in mind that if you add too many colors either wet or dry it could muddy up your ink. So try to make your colors with the least amount of work.

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